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Ikki no Phoenix23
Titolo: Cavaliere della Fenice
Età: 33 anni
Sesso: Maschio
Dove si Trova: Isola della Morte
Data di Nascita: 11 - Settembre - 1986
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"Fenice Custode di Aiduelf"

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13 Nov 2012
Type: HDTV
Size: 288 MB
Ripper: LOL
Submitter: momijigari
Download: Download
11 Nov 2012
Grazie ad Aldebaran.

一方レグルスはコナーを庇い闇の波を被弾 生命力を奪われて絶体絶命の危機に陥っていた

source: ALL4SEIYA/ proteus

need your superpowers Archange

Translate by Mirach SSZone
Regulus chapter 2: The Magician of Darkness and the Emissary of Light

Connor mourning her father reminds Regulus of his own past.
Enraged, he fires Lighting Bolt at Crúaich, but is repelled by a curtain of darkness.
Upon touching it, Regulus's right hand turns grey and life is being sucked from him.
Meanwhile at the Pope's Chamber, Sisyphos is worrying about his pupil Regulus.
He is concerned that Regulus's heart is immature, but the Pope admonishes him that his pupil's eyes are unclouded.
At the same time Regulus, covering Connor from the assault of waves of darkness and having his life force snatched away, finds himself driven into a corner.
Deprived of his five senses, Regulus reaches his hand for the only thing visible among the darkness, a single drop of light.
His fist pierces through the chest of Crúaich and Failinis uses that chance to march into the mansion together with her party.
Crúaich sends a faerie creature Banshee (long black hair, huge breasts) after them.
They escape successfully and Regulus wakes up.gif to see that his powers and his Cloth are fully recovered.
It seems that the light in the darkness was a shape of an amulet stolen by Crúaich from Connor's father, and Regulus managed to grab it unconsciously.
According to Connor, Regulus's recovery was due to this amulet, which is filled with magic providing divine protection and with the soul of light.
Regulus comes up.gif with an idea that Failinis would teach him magic to defeat Crúaich.
to understand

Trad in Fra by Archange

Régulus retrouve le lui-même d'autrefois en voyant Conor pleurer la mort de son père. Il lance en colère un Lightning Bolt sur Crom Cruach, mais l'attaque est stoppée par un voile de ténèbres. Le bras droit de Régulus ainsi que la partie de Gold Cloth le recouvrant deviennent gris alors que le voile le touche, toute leur force vitale étant absorbée.

Palais du Pope.

Sisyphe se fait du soucis pour son disciple Régulus. Il est inquiet à cause de l'immaturité du coeur de Régulus, mais le Pope lui fait remarquer que nul nuage n'obscurcit les yeux de Régulus.

Régulus encaisse des vagues de ténèbres afin de protéger Conor. Ses forces vitales sont absorbées et il se retrouve sérieusement en danger. Il perd ses 5 sens, mais voit une faible lueur parmi les ténèbres, et tend sa main vers elle. Son poing transperce la poitrine de Crom Cruach, et Failinis en profite pour entrer dans le manoir et fuir avec eux. Crom Cruach envoie une fée, la Banshee (longs cheveux noirs, gros seins) à leur poursuite.

Régulus se réveille après cette fuite, et ses forces vitales sont revenues, sa Cloth est également restaurée. Apparemment, la lumière dans ces ténèbres que Régulus a inconsciemment saisi était un charme que Crom Cruach avait volé au père de Conor. Selon Conor, la magie de ce charme provient de la protection du dieu de la lumière et de l'esprit de la lumière résidant dedans, et ce pouvoir a permis de le guérir. Régulus demande à Failinis de lui apprendre la magie afin de pouvoir vaincre Crom Cruach.
9 Nov 2012
Oggi è un giorno speciale per Sorkino! DanyFdP Pres.Ing. Sorkino™ ossia il nostro presidente compie gli anni!! quanti saranno? 40, 50? nessuno lo sa lol.gif

di nuovo auguri e divertiti! stiwie.gif
6 Nov 2012
Type: HDTV
Size: 299 MB
Ripper: LOL
Submitter: momijigari
Download: Download
30 Oct 2012
Type: HDTV
Size: 287 MB
Ripper: LOL
Submitter: momijigari
Download: Download


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